One-on-One Consutation

Name Description Price
Reserve a 30 minute chat Schedule a meeting, tutoring appointment or STEAM consultation with Jasmine Reserve here

Speaking Engagements

Name Price
Non-Profit Speaking Starting at $200
Inspirational Speaking Starting at $200
Presenter Starting at $100
Podcast/Interview Starting at $50
Panelist Starting at $50


Name Description Price
All Levels Mathematics Grade School to Calculus Starting at $30/hr

Event Marketing

Name Description Price
Event Marketing Marketing your event on STEAMcollab.com, our mailing list, and all @theSTEAMcollab social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin) Starting at $20

STEAM Workshops

Name Description Price
STEAM Workshops Starting at $200 for 15 people max. Starting at $400 for over 15 people. Starting at $200

Collaboration and Consulting

Name Description Price
Collaboration and Consulting Facilitate the Sponsorship, Partnership, or Collaboration. Contact us for how we can Collab 5%-10% Administration Fee


Name Description Price
Pay it Forward Scholarships Give a donation to cover or offset the cost of my services for someone else Donation